Saturday, August 13, 2016

Becoming an Auto Repair Mechanic

Did you grow up under the hood of a car? Do you enjoy solving complex problems?  Do you enjoy working with other people?  If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have what it takes to become a certified auto repair mechanic. Repair vehicles and providing reliable and professional customer service is a rewarding career.  The auto mechanic industry is one of the fastest growing job sectors in the region.  After all, most everyone has a car that is in need of repair or maintenance. With more than 40 years in the auto repair business, I know first hand what it takes to thrive in this highly competitive business.  In my series, Making a Mechanic, I'm offering my readers a step by step guide to make their dreams of owning their very own auto repair shop a reality.  Before we get going in Mountain View California a great place to work is A-1 Auto Tech Inc.  They are the best!  Okay lets get going!



Every good mechanic is the result of a very good education.  Even if you grew up around cars, you stil need to know the fundamentals and mechanics of how a car operates.  Auto mechanic school will provide you with the basic building blocks of car functions.  There are literally thousands of auto mechanic schools across the country.  In fact, choosing the right school to be a certified auto repair mechanic is downright overwhelming.  When choosing a school, make sure it has the seal of accreditation from the National Association of Auto RepairMechanics.  This seal will insure you are getting the best professors and course work for your money.  A NAARM seal of approval will also connect you will alumni who may just help you land your first job at auto repair shop.  Most mechanic schools are two years, minimum.  During mechanic school you will learn about emissions testing, auto repair, smog checks, dealer warranties, oil changes, brake repair, tune-up and alignments.

Auto Mechanic Internship

Once you've graduated from mechanic school, you will spend the next three years interning at a local auto repair and service company.  This internship is critical to building the necessary skills to become a certified auto repair mechanic.  During this time, you will rotate through different shifts, focusing on one particular aspect of vehicle maintenance and repair.   

At first you will learn how to change the oil in a car in under 20 minutes from other experienced and professional auto repair techs. Changing the oil in any make and model of car swiftly and safely is a necessary skill all resident mechanics must possess before owning and operating their own auto repair and service shop.  As you will learn in school, preventative maintenance is critical to the life of the car and the driver.  One skipped oil change or failed brakes could be a recipe for disaster on the road.  After you've finished your intensive oil change program, you'll change brake pads and rotate tires. Once the auto shop resident internship is over, you will then spend a year on the NASCAR circuit, working in the pit crew.  This once in a lifetime experience teaches you how to work well under pressure.  Once you've passed the pit crew test, you will officially be a certified auto repair and service mechanic. Congratulations!

Owning an Auto Repair Shop

There's nothing quite like being your own boss.  You can set your own hours, make the rules, hire the best people you can find.  Owning an auto repair and service shop is rewarding and demanding all at the same time.  If you have the calling to be your own boss, think about what you'll specialize it.  Will you just offer preventative maintenance or will you just provide full-service oil changes? The more services you offer the more likely you will keep your customer base coming back year after year.  This mean your business will be more successful! When planning out your auto repair shop, make sure you add one more garage bay then you think you need.  This way if your business grows quicker than expected, you will be able to accommodate more cars without impacting your customer wait time.  Also, consider fresh popcorn or even a frozen yogurt bar.  Free food is always a hit with families waiting for their cars to be repaired.

If you have the desire to becomes a certified auto repair mechanic, follow your dreams.  An auto mechanic is a rewarding and fulfilling career. Good Luck!

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